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Analytics app is a powerful interactive tool that enables you to analyze your business's phone activity and learn about your employees' productivity. TeleGo's Analytics utilizes intuitive visuals and data, which are designed to work the way you think. With its dashboard, you can access your call data and gain valuable insights into your business on a single screen, including charts, graphs, and logs tables.

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    What is TeleGo Analytics?
    Why should you use TeleGo Analytics?
    What information can I view?
    What are the main features?
    How can I listen to call recordings in the call log?

    What is TeleGo Analytics?

    TeleGo Analytics is a tool that measures and reports your business's PBX phone activity and calls data.

    Why should you use TeleGo Analytics?

    TeleGo analytics helps you analyze as well as painting a complete picture of your business's phone activity. It gives you information on how you and your employees place and receive calls during and after business hours. In a nutshell, you can use Analytic's actionable insights to make smarter business decisions and improve your customers' user experience!

    What information can I view?
    • Activity Dashboard โ€” Built-in dashboard of phone activity in a single visual easy-to-understand snapshot, including data and graphs about Incoming, Answered, Outgoing, Group, and Missed Calls. In addition, you can review top (1-6) Phone Numbers, Groups, and Users. 
    • Call Logs: Review detailed information about calls over a selected time frame. You can view details such as call status, talk time, call duration, etc. 
    • Users:
      • Users Dashboard: Get a quick overview of your users' activity, including Answered Calls, Outgoing Valls, Missed Calls, Mailbox Calls data, graphs and call logs. 
      • Users Summary: Review data and graphs of users activity over a selected period of time. 
    • Agent Groups:
      • Agent Groups Dashboard: Learn about your agent groups activity in a single view. Including data about Answered Calls, Missed Calls, Active Agents. You can also view graphs, charts, and related logs to learn about your groups' activity over a selected period of time.   
      • Agent Groups Summary: Review groups' activity to learn about their productivity and efficiency. Including Total Calls, Answered Calls, Duration details, and more. 

    What are the main features?
  1. ๐Ÿ“† Time Frame: Select the time period you want to analyze. You can select from one of the options in the drop-down list or set a Custom Range   

  • ๐Ÿ”ƒ Refresh Option: Click the refresh icon to update the data you are viewing. You can also set auto refresh by clicking on the AUTO REFRESH field and select how often you wish to refresh the data. 

  • ๐Ÿ”Ž Enlarge Charts: Click the enlarge icon on the top right of the chart you wish to review in a large size. 
  • Sort Data: Click the sort icon on the top right to select the information you wish to view. You can select or unselect all by clicking the checkbox on the top of each category.
  • Export Data: Click the export button on the top right to select the data you wish to export in an excel format. Select the checkboxes of the columns you wish to export or check/uncheck all by clicking on the top checkbox next to the title "Columns to export."

  • โ˜ฐ Hide menu: Click the three line menu (/hamburger) button to hide side menu and view data on the entire screen.

  • More sorting options: You can easily sort data in Users and Agent Groups' dashboards, in addition to the sorting button. Click the appropriate box โ–ญ on the top to view data related only to the selected category. For instance, when you select "Answered Calls" box, only data regarding answered calls will be presented. In addition, in each chart, you can click/unclick the circle button โ— next to each category you wish to view or hide.  

  • Additional chart's view options: Move and adjust the range yellow circle button โ— to narrow or expand the time range you wish to view. You can also view more details when you hover over the bar/point on the graph in which you need more information about. Lastly, you can select the style of chart you wish to view by selecting the appropriate chart icon on the top right of the chart.  

  •  Session time: For maximum security, session time is thirty minutes every time a user logs in. You can view session remaining time on the left below the main menu. When session time is up, you will be able to extend the session by clicking the continue button. Otherwise, click LOGOUT to end the session. 

How can I listen to call recordings in the call log?

Listen and download your call recording directly from the call log in the customer portal. 

Once the Call Recording feature is activated on your extension, all inbound and outbound call will be recorded. The call recordings will then be available on your call log in the customer portal. 

To listen to you call recording: 

  • Open your call log in the Customer Portal 
  • Find the recordings you wish to play on the far right column "Recordings"
  • To listen, click the โ–ถ play button 
  • To replay the recording from the beginning, click the replay button โ†บ
  • To download the file, click the โค“ download button
  • To delete the file, click the waste bin icon
  • To view the call flow details, click the plus button on the left of the log 

  • If a call was transferred you'll see two recordings lines for both parts of the call


  • Can my users listen to the recordings? By default, only admins have an access to the call recordings feature. To see how to allow users' access to a feature, read how to create and manage users and rules users in this article
  • How long can I have the call recording for? 30 days. Contact your account manager to learn about the option to access recordings which are older than 30 days. 
  • How can I get call recordings on my account? Contact your account manager to upgrade your account at Additional costs may apply. 

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