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Log in to your account

Click here to create an account and login to your account on portal.telego.com once you received an email confirmation. If you fail to login, double check that you've entered the right information, as follows:

  • Phone Number: Enter your company's main phone number
  • Extension Number: Enter the same extension you have set up on your PBX system
  • Email: Enter the same email address you have set up on your PBX system

If you are still experiencing any issues login into your account, contact accountmanagement@telego.net.

Account Settings

On the top right, click on your account icon and then the MY ACCOUNT button. The Profile page that will appear, contains Account Information and User Settings. Click on the EDIT button to make changes and update your information, as follows:

Edit Account Information: Change your First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Extension, Email by clicking on the appropriate field and entering the correct data

User Settings > Use Button to Manual Filtering: check this feature if you wish to control when data on the Analytics app is sorted. By default, this won't be checked and the data will be sorted with any commend you activate. For instance, if you select a specific date range, presented data will update automatically. Users that are applying multiple actions to the viewed data, will likely to check this option and click on the APPLY button when they are ready to view the appropriate data. The APPLY button will be visible only to users that choose to check this setting. 

Security: Enter your Old Password and the New Password (as well as in the Confirm Password field) to change your password and click the SAVE button.

Create and Manage Users and Roles (for Admins)

In the customer portal, there are different levels of online access to help you manage your account online: Admin, User, and other customized roles, as follows:

Admin: The person responsible for the account and manages it. This role has complete access to all company's information and available applications. The admin is also responsible to create and manage the account's users and can create customized levels of access to different users. There can be more than one Admin user on each account.

User: An employee of the company who has an access to selected information and applications as defined by the Admin. 

Click the Settings App to create, edit and manage Users and Roles. This app is available for Admin users only.  

Review a detailed list of users, including Username, First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Role, Locked, Activated, Approved.

Review and Edit Users: Click on the username you wish to review and click the EDIT button to perform one of the following options:  

• Update User's First and Last Name, Email, Phone Number, Extension, Role 

• Disapprove or approve a user: When the checkbox is checked the user is Approved, to disapprove a user, just uncheck this field

• Resend invitation: Click the RESEND INVITATION button at the bottom to allow an additional opportunity for users to login to their new account 

• Delete a user: Click the wastebasket red icon to delete a user and click the CONFIRM button in the window the will pop up

Create a New User by clicking on the + icon on the top right and complete the appropriate information, including user's First and Last Name, Email, Phone Number, Extension, Role, check the Approved? field, and click the SAVE button. 

Note: The new user will get an account activation email notification that will expire in a couple of minutes — make sure that the user follows the instructions immediately. If the User missed the window of opportunity, you can always resend the invitation by clicking on the user (on the Users list) you created and click on the EDIT button and click the RESEND INVITATION button which appears on the bottom right. Review the list of Roles and click the one you wish to review its details. There are two roles by default: User and Administrator. 

Create a New Role: Click on the + button and complete the Role Name and Description in the Edit Role section and under the Permissions section set to restrict, View, Edit or allow full control to each module which is available on the company's account (Call Logs, Analytics, etc,). When you're done, click the SAVE button. The new role will be available on the drop-down list in the Role field when you create a new user. 

App Menu/Access and App Launcher 

Select the app you wish to access on the main Home page or by clicking on the app icon on the top right. 

In the home page app menu, only available apps will have a colored icon, otherwise, the icon color will be white and when hover COMING SOON ribbon will show up:

Contact us/Create a Ticket

Click at the bottom right blue chat icon to contact TeleGo and create a ticket. You can select the topic you need help with and attach a file to provide additional details.

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