Supported MMS File Types

When you use the TeleGo Business SMS app, you can attach the following types of files:
Format File Type
.json application/json
.ogv application/ogg
.oga application/ogg
.ogx application/ogg
.ogg application/ogg
.pdf application/pdf
.rtf application/rtf
.zip application/zip
.tar application/x-tar
.xml application/xml
.gz application/gzip
.bz2 application/x-bzip2
.gz application/x-gzip
.smil application/smil
.js application/javascript
.m4a audio/mp4
.m4p audio/mp4
.m4b audio/mp4
.m4r audio/mp4
.mp1 audio/mpeg
.mp2 audio/mpeg
.mp3 audio/mpeg
.m1a audio/mpeg
.m2a audio/mpeg
.mpa audio/mpeg
.oga audio/ogg
.flac audio/flac
.webm audio/webm
.wav audio/wav
.amr audio/amr
.3ga audio/amr
.3gp audio/3gpp
.bmp image/bmp
.dib image/bmp
.gif image/gif
.jpg image/jpeg
.jpeg image/jpeg
.pjpeg image/pjpeg
.png image/png
.svg image/svg+xml
.tiff image/tiff
.tif image/tiff
.webp image/webp
.ico image/x-icon
.css text/css
.csv text/csv
.html text/html
.cal text/calendar
.txt text/plain
.js text/javascript
.vcf text/vcard
.vcard text/vcard
.wap text/vnd.wap.wml
.xml text/xml
.avi video/avi
.mp4 video/mp4
.m4v video/mp4
.mpg video/mpeg
.mpeg video/mpeg
.m1v video/mpeg
.mpv video/mpeg
.ogv video/ogg
.ogx video/ogg
.ogg video/ogg
.spx video/ogg
.ogm video/ogg
.mov video/quicktime
.qt video/quicktime
.webm video/webm
.wmv video/x-ms-wmv
.flv video/x-flv

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