TeleGo Chrome Extension

Click to dial directly from your browser and integrate with a CRM!

Topics in this article:
What I can do with the TeleGo Chrome Extension?
How to install TeleGo Click to Call Extension?
How to Log in?
How to use the extension?
How to select a CRM to integrate with?
How to create a CRM Custom URL?

What I can do with the TeleGo Chrome Extension?

  • Click to call any number that shows up on your Chrome browser 
  • Select a CRM to launch in the appropriate window when a call comes in
  • Follow the call progress 
  • Review the Call Log (Incoming ↙, outgoing ↗, and missed calls ↵, including duration)
  • Redial a phone number that shows up on the call log

How to install TeleGo Click to Call Extension?

  • If you already have the extension installed: No worries, the extension was updated automatically and you can start enjoying the updated version immediately
  • If you don't have the extension: Download the extension on the Google Chrome store and click " Add to Chrome" button on the top right and follow the instructions  

  • How to Log in?  

    • Click the blue extension icon which is located on the top right of your browser   
    • Click the icon to log in by entering your TeleGo's Username, Hostname, and Password:

    *If you don’t know your login credentials contact us at and the TeleGo team will be happy to assist you.

    How to use the extension?  

    Dial a Number
    • Click to call any linkable number which appears on the Chrome browser

    • Select/highlight the ten-digit-number which appears on the browser and hit the right click to call  — the extension will do the rest

    • You can also type the number in the extension with the computer keypad or by selecting the right number using the dial pad. If you dialed a number before, the number will show up when you enter the first digit or two. Just click on the preloaded number hit the enter key or the call button to place the call

    End a Call

    Hit the end call red button or just hang up

    Call Log / Call History

    Click the Recent Calls tab to learn about your call activity history, including incoming and missed calls

    Redial a Number

    To redial a number, locate the appropriate number in the call log and click to call 

    Log in with a Different User

    Click on User Info tab to view User’s details and click Login to a different account field

    How to select a CRM to integrate with? 

    1. Select the CRM you wish to integrate with:
      1. Click the Settings icon on the bottom left
      2. Check the CRM integration checkbox
      3. Select the CRM to integrate with from the drop-down list:

    2. Make sure you are logged into the CRM you've selected
    3. Now when a call comes in, the extension will automatically launch the appropriate screen pop up with the caller's information (if exists on your CRM) 

    For examples, when Whitepages integration is selected and when 2124771000 called in the appropriate Whitepages screen automatically launches:

    How to create a CRM Custom URL? 
    1. Log into your CRM
    2. Search a phone number
    3. Replace the phone number in the URL with {{PhoneNumber}}
    4. Copy the updated URL and enter in the Custom URL field
      1. To locate the Custom CRM URL field, select the Settings icon on the bottom left, check CRM Integration, select Custom in the drop-down list 
      2.  After you enter the Custom URL, the URL will be saved automatically   

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