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    Welcome to TeleGo Phone App. 

    By now you should have downloaded the app on your phone and successfully logged-in with the QR code or link you received by email*. Here you can find a quick guide on how to use your app.

    TeleGo's app is the essential application to your PBX phone system. Take your business calls, voice messages, transfer calls, and more —anywhere. 

    *If you still don't have the app, follow the instructions here

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App Main Tabs and Functions
Dial pad
Call Log
Favorite List
Answer a Call
Place a Call
While on a Call 
Mute a Call
Put a Call on Speaker 
Place a Call on Hold
Transfer a Call
Att. Transfer a Call
Join / Conference a Call
Record a Call
Enable Video Call
Review Call Details
Place Another Call
Set Immediate DND
App SettingsMultiple Active / Live Calls (View calls list and switch between the calls)

    App Main Tabs and Functions

    The main tabs are located on the top of the screen, as follows:

    Dial Pad: Dial the number you wish to call.

    Call Log / Call History: View call history (Click All calls on the top right to filter by All calls, Missed calls, and Recorded calls).

    Contact: Your contact list includes your cell phone directory. Click on a contact to view contact details and press the call icon 📞 to call the contact. You can enter the contact in the search box to find the contact easily. You can add a new contact by holding the ➕ icon on the bottom right.

    Favorite List: View your favorite contacts and dial directly by clicking on the contact icon 👨. If you wish to video call the contact, copy contact number and more, hold the contact icon to view a menu. 

    Answer a Call:

    Answer, Ignore, or reject an incoming call by clicking on the appropriate button.  When a notification appears on the top of the screen, click on ANSWER to accept or DISMISS to reject the call.

    Place a call:

    In the dial pad screen, dial the number or extension you wish to call and press the call button. Note that the app caller ID will be the same as your desk phone's caller ID. To end the call just press the end call button or for quick access, press hang up from your phone notification bar.     

You can also place a call by selecting a contact from your contact list or favorite saved contacts instead of dialing the number

    While on a call, you can: 

    • Mute a Call
    • Put a Call on Speaker
    • Place a Call on Hold
    • Transfer a Call
    • Att. Transfer a Call
    • Join / Conference a Call
    • Record a Call
    • Review Call Details
    • Place Another Call
    • Switch Between a Few Live / Active Calls

    •  Mute a call by pressing the mute icon on the top right. 

    Put a call on a speaker by pressing the speaker icon 🔊 on the top right.

    Place a call on hold by pressing the hold button.The party will hear the same music on hold which is set on your office PBX system. To retrieve the call, press the hold button, again. 

    ○ Place another call while the other party is on hold by returning  to the home screen and dialing the new destination. To return to the home screen, press the home icon which placed on the top left.

         ○ Dial the new destination. You can return to the first call by pressing the BACK TO CALL bar on the top. 

    •Transfer (/blind transfer) a call by pressing  Press the transfer icon, dial the number you wish to transfer the call to and click the call button. 

    The new destination will receive the call as soon as they accept the call or when you press the end call button, without the option to notify them before the transfer takes place. 

    If the call was still not transferred, you can press the CANCEL TRANSFER bar on the top to cancel the transfer and get back to the call. 

    Att. transfer (regular/ consultative transfer) a call by pressing the att. transfer icon, dialing the number you wish to transfer the call to and clicking the call button. You will be able to notify the new destination before transferring the call. 

    Just like blind transfer, you can cancel the transfer by clicking on the cancel transfer bar on the top. 

    Join (/conference) a call by press the join button to conference two active calls (creating a 3-way call).

     Once the conference is active you will see the conference details on the top. 

    •Record a call by pressing the recording button. The participants will hear a beep sound and the recording button will blink indicating that the call is recorded. Recording duration will show below the caller ID field(REC 00:00).     

        ○ You can listen to the recording in the call log details. A recorded call will have a voicemail icon 📼.

    To listen to the recording click the play button. Select delete or share recording from the menu options.

  • Enable video call by pressing the video icon 📹 on the top right, next to the speaker icon 🔊. Select front or rear camera in the menu options pop up. 
  • Review call details by pressing the ⓘ on the top right. Including Call state, Signal strength, Packet loss and more. 

    • Set Immediate DND by pressing the extension number on the top left and clicking on the Immediate DND button. When DND is active, incoming calls will go directly to mailbox.  

    • Enter settings by pressing the ⋮ icon on the top right and then click on Settings. 

    In settings, you can:

    • Enable or disable incoming calls (Push notifications):

    • Manage app preferences for:
      • Ringtone
      • Call recording 
      • Sound
      • WiFi 
      • Controls (including show/hide mailbox icon 📼 )
      • Language
      • Enable/disable automatic video calls
      • etc.
    • View App Usage (Talk time and Call counts)

    • Manage multiple active / live calls: 
      • View active call list by clicking on the double arrow on the top right. To switch between calls, click on the switch button. 

      • To go back to a call, press on the appropriate call box. The other call will be placed on hold automatically. A call on hold has the pause icon ❚❚ above its duration field).  

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